November 22, 2020

Remote Livestreams

We can do live productions fully remote. Cabana 512 is providing innovative solutions to help you take your events virtual and engage your audience in real time. We know that our partners and clients within the entertainment and sports industry are in the thick of it, so we’ve pivoted and evolved our approach as the landscape shifts.

We continue to provide innovative solutions and find creative ways to take events virtual and still engage with an audience in a meaningful way. One thing we know for sure is that digital use is at an all time high, presenting a real opportunity to connect with fans and customers in a unique way.

We do no-contact remote livestreaming. The safety of both our team and our clients is of the utmost importance to us. Our team has vast expertise in producing broadcast-quality livestreams and we are able to do so fully remote.

Have an idea? We’d love to help you make it happen. This is a time for innovation and we are excited about the opportunities that are presenting in the digital space.

Furthermore, after years of experience working together, we are able to turn that relationship into effective remote communication that allows the team to operate together seamlessly. 

Our state of the art control room is outfitted with Live U, Newtek Tricaster, Skype TX and all the bells and whistles to produce a quality 1080 stream remotely. The below video by Live U outlines some of the tech used to deliver a quality livestream production remotely.

New Tech Talk Show and Skype TX integration With our tech units, you will never be without an appropriate guest again. If your guest has internet we can create a professional two-way communication that will rival anything on professional television. It is easy to connect globally with remote integration of hosts, speakers, and live shots. Even home-based guests can watch your entire broadcast through their own Skype computer and then begin their own contribution when their on-screen tally light glows red.

A producer’s audio side-chain allows private direct communication with the guest. In the rare event that the guest’s internet falls below the required bandwidth during the live stream, the NewTek Talk Show automatically switches the guest’s image to a pre ranged still image, allowing the audio to continue seamlessly. As a result, you don’t have to worry about that odd and embarrassing Skype freeze image. With Cabana 512 and the NewTek TalkShow, the possibilities are endless.

Cabana 512 is a live stream production resource for Ad Agencies, PR Firms, Brands, Professional Sports Promoters, Educational Facilities, and Event Coordinators.

We have experience using a variety of video-sharing and social media platforms and creating private and pay per view portals. Cabana 512 specializes in remote outdoor location productions and complex event spaces.

Project Planning and Integration Cabana 512 offers professional broadcast and live event team facilities. We are ready to work with you whatever your campaign objectives or production needs. Live streaming offers many practical solutions to separation by geographic distance to the action. Broadcasts can be viewed by a small private group or shown publicly to a global audience.

As one of our core services, we aim to simplify the process of live streaming. There are many options to consider when producing and encoding a professional multi-camera live stream & webcast. Why not benefit from our experience? When Cabana 512 becomes part of your campaign, we integrate with your team through the entire pre-production, production & post-production process.