November 22, 2020

Case Study – The Dark Zone Network

Cabana 512 partnered with The Dark Zone Network to produce a live streaming event from the real-life Conjuring House – only 3 weeks into the pandemic lockdown. Produced completely remotely, Cabana 512 orchestrated the technical workflow for the IP-based live stream and the interactive pay-per-view platform.

Cabana 512 collaborated with The Dark Zone Network to create a one-of-a-kind format. In addition to live streaming a daily 10-hour live show consisting of remote interviews and paranormal investigations in the most haunted house in the world, they streamed camera ISOs (mounted isolated cameras) from every haunted room in the house continuously for 7 days. Coupled with interactive elements such as a live chat, fans became “remote ghost hunters” and reported back sightings to the investigators. This fully immersive, interactive show was seen simultaneously by viewers in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, South America, Asia, Mexico and beyond. It was a major success and the fans wanted more!

True Crime and Paranormal Fans were thrilled when Cabana 512 and TDZ investigated one of the most infamous houses in history – The Lizzie Borden Murder House in a 4-day interactive live stream broadcast worldwide.

Rest on their laurels? Heck no! Cabana 512 took on the most challenging TDZ project to date – – the Queen Mary! The ship is the size of the Empire State Building and haunted AF! The QM has been closed due to the pandemic so the team had unprecedented access to the entire ship. But how to you get an 8-channel live feed out of a massive ship made of steel?? 15,000 feet (about 3 miles) of fiber, that’s how! Cabana 512 built an entire control room in the Grand Salon of the ship, streamed camera ISOs from the pool, room B340, Winston Churchill’s Suite, the children’s playroom, the Queen’s Salon and the Engine Room. Four handheld cameras outfitted with Live U followed the paranormal investigators throughout the ship even going deep into the bowels into the rope room (the aft where the QM collided with the HMS Curacao, sinking it with a loss of over 300 men.)

Numerous specialty gear: Flir thermal imaging camera, SLS wireframe camera, IR (infrared) cameras, Evox / Spirit Box, EMF, K-2 meters, Laser grid, and proton-camera complemented the extensive tech package. Musical performances, a virtual Halloween costume contest with participants from all over the world, remote guests via Skype TX, a Dios de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration and alter build, pre-produced roll in packages detailing the history of the ship, the haunts and the rooms filled out the action packed 4-day live stream. 2-hour live show? No way…this was a 10-hour live show each day! The show streamed at 1080 without a single technical glitch. Now that’s one helluva team!!!